Hearlded Recruit Ineligible at Fordham

Bad news out of the Bronx as top Fordham recruit Manny Suarez (F 6'10") has been declared ineligible and is sitting out of practice due to a overlap in a college course taken and his high school graduation.

According to Fordham Head Coach Tom Pecora, Suarez took a college class this summer at a different institution that ended after his high school graduation date. Fordham's position is the date the class ended is arbitrary due to the closeness of Suarez's graduation and the date the class was completed.  The class was pre-approved by the NCAA. There is a hearing next Friday to determine Suarez's eligibility.  

Suarez and guard Jon Severe were the two most heralded recruits coming into Fordham this year. Coach Pecora will now rely on sophomore forward Ryan Rhoomes (6'8" 235) and Ryan Canty ( 6'9" 220) as the two big men that will play significant minutes at the beginning of the 2013-14 year if the hearing doesn't favor the school.

Pecora sounded confident that Suarez will win the hearing, and will be suiting up in a Rams uniform soon.

Update: As of 3:00PM Oct. 25th, Suarez will be an academic redshirt per a statement by the university.

Story by Josh Adams, Managing Editor, @NCAAHoopsDigest